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7 Tips To Prepare Your Child for Standardized Admissions Testing

Posted by Christine Williams on Oct 31, 2018 11:40:01 AM

test-986935_1920One of the many pieces of the secondary school admissions process is a standardized admissions test.  These tests help admissions officers predict a student's ability to be successful in the school's program. Here are seven ways you can help prepare your child for a stress-free admissions testing experience.

  1. Ensure your child goes to bed early and gets a good sleep every night for a week prior to the test date.
  2. The night before the test: encourage your child to take a break from studying or taking practice sections. By this point your child is prepared and should rest. Encourage your child to stay home, watch a fun movie, and go to bed early.
  3. Also the night before, lay out all the items your child needs for test day...ID, registration ticket, several sharpened number 2 pencils with erasers attached, a basic watch, pre-pack a clear plastic bag with water and some healthy protein-filled snacks to keep energy high throughout the exam. Make sure alarm is set.
  4. Wake up your child with enough time to eat a healthy, energizing breakfast.
  5. Before leaving the house, have your child read (anything) for 10 minutes, and work through 2 math problems. You want to warm up the brain at home, not during section one of the exam.
  6. Advise your child to avoid the students doing last minute cramming at the test center.  Remind them they are prepared and that they do not need to clutter their mind with the nerves of their peers.
  7. Remind them to take a deep breath and do their best!