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Carolyn Vallario

Carolyn Vallario holds a bachelor's degree from Stony Brook University, a master's in education from the College of Staten Island, and a reading certification from New York University. She is the director of the Lower School Reading Department at The Peck School.

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3 Strategies To Promote Reading Success

Posted by Carolyn Vallario on Feb 13, 2019 1:55:17 PM

Strong reading skills don't always come naturally to children. However, there are a number of different tips and strategies that both parents and children can use to build comfort, confidence, and enjoyment in reading—leading to a lifetime of reading success. Reading every day with your child, visiting libraries, finding a distraction-free environment to read, and finding books that match your child's interests are all good starting points that can help your child learn strong reading skills with ease.

Good readers also use different strategies to self-monitor their reading, and below are proven suggestions that you can use to help nurture these instincts. Be sure to give your child a few seconds to self-correct if they make a mistake; this helps them develop the agency and awareness to read with confidence.

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